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Why Aviduis

We offer custom-made solutions tailored to each aircraft operator’s data setup and business processes using our ML platforms.

Our Service Offerings

Aviduis Document AI: 

Enables digitization of aircraft documents. By using highly accurate AI models that classify, extract, label and refine aircraft documents such as Purchase Agreements, Purchase Orders, Component Maintenance Manuals etc., to ensure that your teams have access to smart documents in real-time.  

Aviduis Warranty Claims Manager: 

Ensures that operator’s can seamlessly capture and process claimable repairs in real-time using our AI driven solutions. Hence, instant claim alert and submission is assured for each claimable repair.

Aviduis Smart Knowledge Graphs: 

Reduces the administrative time spent by technical service engineers to access repair manuals and historical service reports etc. Thus, increasing the productive time of service engineers i.e., hands-on aircraft and/or component

Improve Operational Spend

Increase Claims Collection

Real-time Data Integration

Dedicated Support